Cindy F. San Diego, CA Garage Door Repair Review


My neighbor has had a very squeaky garage door for months.  She called several San Diego garage door repair companies, and either couldn’t understand them because of their accents, their prices were too high, or they couldn’t come at a time convenient for her.  Today, while getting gas, she saw a Garage Door Medics truck at the gas station.

 She approached the driver and told him her problem and asked if he could help.  It just happened he had time before another appointment in the area.  He came over immediately and fixed her garage door!  Joel Brace is the hero of the day!

I happened to be outside and said I thought my garage door was louder than it should be.  Joel came over and tested my door and found everything to be in good working order.

Not only that, Joel instructed both of us how to “lock” our garage doors so an opener wouldn’t work, in case we were on vacation.  He also explained how to open the door when the power was out.

It was our lucky day and I would highly recommend Joel Brace from Garage Door Medics.  Professional, courteous, above and beyond customer service, and competitive prices.

Cindy F.